Johnson County
Housing Coalition
The Johnson County Housing Coalition, a
Community Housing Development
Organization (CHDO) is a private,
non-profit 501(c)3. equal housing
provider. Our mission is to provide
increased opportunities for decent, safe,
affordable, accessible, permanent housing
and support services within Johnson
County for people who have limited
resources, including people with special

We are an equal housing opportunity
Formed in 1992 by a coalition of private individuals, businesses
and local government agencies to address the high cost and
lack of affordable and accessible housing in the community.
With assistance from the
Kansas Housing Resource
Corporation the Coalition formed a Community Housing
Development Organization (CHDO) to assist in the development
of affordable, accessible housing.

Johnson County, KS no longer provides funding to support the
non-profit activities of the Housing Coalition. This includes
acquisition of properties for affordable housing or housing
assistance. If you need assistance with housing or housing
services please contact:

David Ward, Director,
Johnson County Housing Authority

Debbie Collins,
Johnson County Human Services  

United Way of Greater Kansas City:  
 United Way 211  

Valerie Carson,
United Community Services of Johnson County

Johnson County Housing Coalition
Phone :913 390-0413
FAX: 913-390-0358