Johnson County
Housing Coalition
Check out the following links for additional
information and helpful resources.
Information Concerning Public Housing, Section 8
Housing programs, Waiting Lists and Housing Authorities
Kansas Lead Poisoning Prevention Information about how to
prevent childhood lead poisoning
Link to information to the Kansas Landlord Tenant Act. and
laws affecting tenants and landlords.

A link to the printable file can be found here
Kansas Tenant Handbook
Kansas Housing Resource Corporation
Provides information concerning state programs in Kansas to
assist in developing affordable housing and tenants rights.
Social and Rehabilitation Services Mission:
To protect children and promote adult self-sufficiency.
A wide range of services including financial, health and medical,
family, adult and child assistance.
Johnson County Housing Coalition
913 390-0413
913 390-0358
Interfaith Hospitality Network Johnson County Interfaith
Hospitality Network, Inc. is a nonprofit organization serving
homeless families in Johnson County, Kansas. Their mission is
to unite and enable the faith community to provide homeless
families with emergency shelter and meals, as well as
compassionate assistance with social services, and relationships
with caring people in the faith community.
SAFEHOME provides shelter
and services to those affected by domestic and sexual violence